I really need to know

A verse from Rufus Wainwright’s song, “Going to a Town” (the song that gave this blog its title) has been repeating in my head all day after reading the story at Pam’s House Blend about the anti-gay self-proclaimed Christians protesting at the Seven Straight Nights candle-light vigil organized by Soulforce and Atticus Circle.

Tell me

Do you really think you go to hell for having loved?

“Jon and Dawn Kennedy were two of those people at the celebration. Their brother, Sean Kennedy, died May 16, 2007 in Greenville, S.C., after being struck by a man who reportedly called Sean a faggot before striking Sean with such force that it crushed the bones in his face. Sean died from the one fatal blow.

Sean’s mother was present at Seven Straight Nights and was one of the event’s several speakers, including Faith In America Executive Director Jimmy Creech.

When Sean’s brother and sister politely told the leader of the anti-gay protesters that their brother was killed and that their hateful speech promotes violence toward gay and lesbian people, the protester flatly and unemotionally told Jon and Dawn Kennedy that their brother “was burning in hell right now.”

Tell me

and not for thinking every thing that you’ve done is good.

Anti-gay Christian protestors at Seven Straight Nights

I really need to know.

I really need to know how these men have usurped the title Christian.

I need to know how men like these, and the ones who verbally assault and threaten us at Pride every year, see themselves as walking in the footsteps of Jesus with a megaphone in one hand and a hate sign in the other.

I need to know what my parents want to hear from God when they pray to Him about their lost daughter who is condemned to hell.

I need to know what the woman who came by our table at dinner tonight and loudly hissed slurs at us thinks the Cross she was wearing around her neck means.

I need to know why good people stay silent, watching what they know is wrong.

I got a life to lead America
I got a life to lead
I got a soul to feed
I got a dream to heed
And that’s all I need

Making my own way home
Ain’t gonna be alone
I’m going to a town that has already been burned down.


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  1. November 2, 2007 at 12:33 am

    […] another pitched battle for its soul.  On the one side you have hate, ignorance, and violence.  Tired Of This: A verse from Rufus Wainwright’s song, “Going to a Town” (the song that gave this blog its […]

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