You will know they are mega-Christians by their hate

Church Cancels Funeral After Discovering Decorated Vet Was Gay
by Newscenter Staff (Dallas, Texas)

A mega-church in Arlington, Texas has reportedly cancelled at the last minute a funeral service for a Navy veteran who died while awaiting a heart transplant after learning he was gay. Cecil Sinclair died on Monday. He was 46. A native of Fort Worth, Sinclair was a Navy veteran who served in Desert Storm helping rescuers find downed pilots.

See, this is what happens when you let gays in the military. Before you know it, they’re going around saving people’s lives.

Most recently he had been in failing health. Six years ago he developed a heart condition and was on a list for a transplant. On Monday he died of complications following surgery intended to keep him alive until a new heart became available.

Sinclair was not a member of any church. His brother was a member of High Point Church and when Sinclair’s health began to fail members of the congregation prayed for him.

I bet they want a refund on their prayers now.

The nondenominational church is led by the Rev. Gary Simons, the brother-in-law of televangelist Joel Osteen.

When Sinclair died High Point offered to host a funeral.

But the offer suddenly and at the last minute was rescinded, the Dallas Morning News reports, when the church discovered Sinclair was gay.

Uh oh.

Sinclair’s sexuality came to light, the paper reports, when the family submitted photographs of Sinclair’s life that it wanted to display at the funeral.

Among the pictures where photo’s of Sinclair hugging and his partner, Paul Wagner.

“Some of those photos had very strong homosexual images of kissing and hugging,” Simons told the Morning News. “My ministry associates were taken aback.”

He was hugging and kissing his partner of many years? Those certainly are strong images! How could a newspaper print such pornography? Hugging! And kissing! You never see good Christian heterosexuals doing kinky stuff like that.

Sinclair’s mother told the paper that the church never contacted her or Wagner about their decision to cancel the service. She said she learned of it late Wednesday when Sinclair’s brother Lee called her.

“We could have reached a compromise,” she said. “That was never attempted.”

The church did offer to pay for a funeral at another location but the family turned it down. Instead the service was held Thursday night at a local funeral home.

They offered to pay to keep this man’s funeral out of their church? Have they ever read any of the New Testament? What Jesus are they worshipping, because the Jesus I grew up with would have gone ballistic seeing hypocritical shit like that.

The church’s motto on their web site is “Miracles Still Happen.” Maybe another miracle will happen and the many members of High Point will realize that behind the non-demoninational, weekend casual, let’s all love Jesus together slick facade of megachurches like High Point seethes a message of hate and intolerance and greed.

Their website includes the cutesy, marketing slogan of “Got Jesus?”

I think the answer to that is clearly, “No.”



  1. dovelove said,

    August 11, 2007 at 12:33 pm

    Apparently they don’t (“got Jesus”). There’s no way around such absurdities when one preaches a message prolific with contradiction. “Love thy neighbor, judge not, God is love…,” but hate those who don’t use their genitalia in the proper way… Damn, “God” is brilliant, ain’t he?

  2. August 12, 2007 at 10:16 am

    […] at 10:16 am (- by Gina, LGBT rights, LGBT, Family, Religion) Following up on the story of the mega-church that refused to bury Cecil Sinclair, a war veteran, because he was gay, here’s the mega-pastor’s explanation: The pastor said that he could imagine a similar […]

  3. januarys said,

    August 12, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    As someone who “ain’t that kind of Christian” could i offer umm..well, some useless thoughts? it seems to me this kind of church behavior has nothing to do with condemning the “sinner” and is entirely motivated by these people’s insecurity in their belief system, like a crisis of their own faith.

    I think there is some part of them that wonders – if they condone something that it turns out God doesn’t condone – then *they* are somehow condemned. That’s perspective coming from a long, long history of many, many different parts of the Christian church… and I don’t know if you want to understand what makes people behave that way… but in general, the things you see Christians do that are radical and often very, very, very stupid, usually come from the irrational and gripping fear that their own life is on the line. That’s what I think, FYI or whatevs.

  4. dovelove said,

    August 12, 2007 at 6:50 pm

    “…but in general, the things you see Christians do that are radical and often very, very, very stupid, usually come from the irrational and gripping fear that their own life is on the line.”

    And why do you think they have such fear? Is it their own ill-interpretation of what they’re being taught?…or is it that they are being taught to hate/judge others, and since they know deep down that “others” are truly no different than they are, then that would understandably put a self-loathing within them, no? And perhaps others don’t act on this fear, but nonetheless feel it every day of their lives. That’s incredibly sad.

    And to further my point, please point out a comparable type of spiritual beliefs, where what they are being taught spurs them to act in such “stupid” and “irrational” ways. In fact, many believe that we are “One” and know that when we judge/hate/harm another, it’s like shooting ourselves in the foot. Karma, divine reciprocity, “do unto others…” All the same, it means we are indeed One Thing.

    And even if that were not true, consider the results of believing it. We would not wish to harm ourselves, we would want to love ourselves…every single one of us…alll Us. Ya’ see? Look at those who believe along these lines, and you’ll find no such hatred as you commonly find in those being taught your brand of dogma, which includes a threat of punishment if you don’t do this or that. How in the world could each and every one of you not fear that… You know that you are simply human, as are those who do not believe as you…and you judge that they will fry in hell…how can you not see that this very belief is totally irrational…

    If you believe this way, consider that you are brainwashed. No? Can you readily question? Do you have clear understanding of what you are believing? How often do you question it? Do you feel FREE to question it right out loud in a full church? I find it incredibly sad… There’s simply no way a loving human being can breathe easy, can feel free and happy, knowing/fearing that their “brothers,” many of their neighbors, maybe their children may not measure up…and will “burn in hell.” Tell me about irrational.

  5. januarys said,

    August 12, 2007 at 9:26 pm

    I just wanted to offer insight to the author.

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