The Family Values of David Vitter and Rudy Giuliani

Sometimes the absurdity writes itself.

So, David Vitter, the holier-than-thou Senator from Louisiana who wants to protect marriage from LGBT couples but not from D.C. hookers,  was a Southern campaign chairman for none other than Rudy Giuliani.  His job was to sell Southern Christian conservatives on the family values of a candidate who has had almost as many wives as he has mistresses.  Good luck with that, Dave.

For more details, see the New York Times article, A Senator’s Moral High Ground Gets Shaky.  Vitter’s constituents will be happy to know that just because he used the D.C. brothel to service his needs in Washington doesn’t mean he prefers them to Louisiana prostitutes.  According the article, he’s an equal opportunity employer of hookers and has supported the local sex industry as well.



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