Rod 007 Update

We’ve been getting a lot of hits from people searching for Rod “007” Wheeler, the crime “expert” who went on Bill O’Reilly to foment fear of lesbians by telling lies about lesbian gangs raping and converting their way across the country, so we should probably give you the latest update on the story.

After being called out on his lies, Rod 007 has apologized. Sort of. On his Rod 007 page, he apologizes for mistakenly insinuating that the Pink Pistols, a perfectly legitimate group of LGBT gun owners, is a dangerous lesbian gang. He apologizes for mistakenly make it sound like there are 150 reported lesbian gangs in D.C., when there are 150 total gangs in D.C., and at most 1 that is made up of lesbians.

He apologized for his misleading statement in the cases where concrete facts proved him wrong, and he had no choice but to admit it.

But, sorry Rod 007. That ain’t enough. You’re still claiming that lesbian gangs are a top priority threat to the public safety, even though you have absolutely no proof at all. You still went on Bill O’Reilly for the sole purpose of fearmongering, of freaking out FOX News viewers with images of dangerous dykes molesting their children in the school bathroom.

An apology on your website – where no one is going to look anyway unless they mistakenly get there on a search for information on the real 007, not the pathetic wannabe – isn’t enough.

So apology not accepted, until you go on Bill O’Reilly again, and explain that lesbians are normal people like you and Bill (well, Bill’s not really normal, is he?). Until you tell all the O’Reilly fans that you lied, Bill lied, and Fox News lied with this trumped up story made from nothing.

Oh, and Bill? We’re still waiting to hear from you.


1 Comment

  1. Donald Nichols said,

    September 2, 2007 at 10:14 am

    What kind of Life can Mr. Wheeler expect to enjoy when a Majority of the
    “so called expertise,” he espouses on the the Fox Channel and to the Public, is fabricated. There are several of us around that are aware of Mr. Wheeler’s shortcomings and why he is a former D.C. investigator. It’s a shame that the Fox Channel relies on such caliber of so called “experts” when they could do better. It appears that you name the subject and certain former police officers have an overnight “expertise” in the field in question.

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