Bill O’Reilly lies to make people fear lesbians

In my posts on James Holsinger’s nomination as Surgeon General, I’ve taken pains to say that I don’t care what his personal religious beliefs are, as long as they don’t get in the way of him understanding and interpreting science. We have evidence in his case that it does get in the way.

I’m starting to worry that these days that’s the case more often than not. In my better moods, I attribute it to people who can’t see outside their own limited framework. In my more cynical moods, I suspect it’s more intentional, a deliberate twisting of truth to gain power.

Case in point: Rod Wheeler, a former police officer and now a Fox News crime “expert.” Mr. Wheeler, or as he prefers to call himself, Rod 007 (007? Really? How pathetic.) recently appeared on The O’Reilly Factor for a segment called “Violent Lesbian Gangs: A Growing Problem.”

You can watch it here.

O’Reilly summons Fox’s go-to boy on crime to give the evidence. Rod 007 shares details about this vast underground network of lesbian gangs going around raping children, attacking poor innocent straight men, and recruiting children by force to join them in their perversity. According to Rod 007, there are 150 of these dangerous lesbian gangs in Washington DC alone.

Scary, isn’t it?

Except that it’s not true.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and GLAAD have both published reports calling out Rod 007 for his lies, and O’Reilly for repeating and sensationalizing them.

The SPLC contacted Rod 007 to ask him for sources for his claims. He had none to offer.

They, on the other hand, checked with the president of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network, Detective Patrick Word, who said there was no evidence of this supposed network of lesbian gangs. They talked with the former head of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit, who said there were 150 gangs total in DC, only 9 of which were predominantly women, and no evidence that those were lesbians.

They researched the claims that both O’Reilly and Wheeler made about supposed gangs of lesbians with pink Glocks going around raping and attacking. Not surprisingly, they found the stories to be unfounded, twisted, or deliberately misleading.

When confronted, Rod 007’s response was to say that, even though he had no evidence at all to support his claims, all the law enforcement sources were wrong and he was right.

So if Rod 007’s sensationalist claims are not based on fact, where do they come from? Would it have anything to do with his membership in the Jericho City of Praise megachurch and their anti-gay agenda?

It doesn’t bother me so much that Rod 007 is a bigot with an agenda (and fantasies of being a superspy). What bothers me is that he’s given a platform to spew harmful lies completely unchallenged.

If Bill O’Reilly claims to ask the hard questions, why didn’t he ask Wheeler for some proof? If Fox News claims to be “fair and balanced,” why do they use an expert who just makes stuff up to fit his church’s agenda of hate?

And why oh why is Tony Snow quoted on Rod 007’s website saying, “We turn to Rod Wheeler to help us better understand and solve some of these terrible crimes in America.” I hope this quote is from Snow’s Fox days and that “we” does not refer to our administration. Unfortunately, though, it would not surprise me if this administration did consult someone like Rod 007. After all, they’re the ones who nominated Holsinger. Making things up and distorting the truth to demonize LGBT people and promote fear and hatred seems to be qualification for expertise these days.

Oh, by the way, do you know why Rod 007 is no longer with the DC police? He tested positive for marijuana in a random drug test. Tsk, tsk, Rod. Would James Bond smoke pot on duty?


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  1. July 10, 2007 at 3:52 pm

    […] the crime “expert” who went on Bill O’Reilly to foment fear of lesbians by telling lies about lesbian gangs raping and converting their way across the country, so we should probably give […]

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