Obama wants you to know that he’s straight

And they wonder why there’s a stigma?

I believe Obama is a smart man. I hope when he watches this back, which I know he will, he’ll see the sad irony that, in the middle of a discussion about reducing the stigma of HIV testing, he felt the need to rush in to assert his heterosexuality and make a joke out of the idea he could be gay or bi.

Of course then Biden had to add that he got tested for a “good” reason, too.

So now there are “good” reasons to get tested and “bad” reasons? You can still be a real man if you get tested because of blood transfusions or to make a political point, but if it’s because of sex it’s bad?

This reminds me of when people talk about people with AIDS who got it through blood transfusions in a way that suggests that somehow they deserved it less. Do others deserve it more? Isn’t that buying into the notion that disease is a punishment for sin? How far do you have to go from that to Jerry Falwell’s assertion that AIDS was God’s vengeance on gays? By the way, how did Falwell account for lesbians? Could it be that he believed that God loves us, or did he just forget we exist, like so many do.


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